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Frequently Asked Questions about GetGuide


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First, this service is only for licensed guides and their clients (tour operators, concierges, etc.) and is very simple to use. As a tour guide:
1) You register on the site www.GetGuide.biz
2) Easily update your guiding availability status;
3) The information is immediately displayed to all potential clients that are searching for a guiding service;
4) You get the lead and close the deal DIRECTLY with a client! 
The service is FREE for clients. GetGuide easily helps you find tour guides that are available "today or tomorrow" and contact them directly – no commission! In addition, the system will help you in your long-term tour planning, easily finding the tour guides that you designated as FAVORITES.
Other users browse the site, activate filters (date, language, driver) and get the most relevant and reliable results!
A lot! Please, press here for the full list of offered features. Pay special attention to the FAVORITES feature. It allows tour operators and other clients to easily manage groups of their favorite tour guides in different languages. At the same time it allows tour guides to become many clients' FAVORITE.
As often as possible for staying at the top of the lists in your language segment. Even a few times a day, there is NO LIMIT on how many times you can update your availability!
It is also very simple:
1) you can do this online in your account on your laptop or on your smartphone or
2) you can send a text message to 052-6001351 with either 1 (for today) or 2 (for tomorrow) or 12 (for both days).
You can also cancel your availability this way, if needed, in your account online or by sending a text message with: no1, no2 or no12.
It depends. If you need a listing service only and are happy to get 1-2 workdays a month you pay 250 NIS (+VAT) a year only. You will be also requested for a commission of 10% of your remuniration. But if you really need work and want to get ALL relevant leads in your languages, if you want us to promote you to numerous tour agencies across the country, please, purchase a Full Subscription for 1050 NIS (+VAT) a year and start to work!!  Purchase all these products NOW with 35% off discount!! Become an early adopter and make more money! Press here!
The service is FREE for most of the tour guides' clients. For tour agencies using the GetGuide services on daily base it costs 460 USD (+VAT) a year. One time search costs 60 USD (+VAT). GetGuide constantly works to add additional clients to the website.
There are currently over 1600 users in the system, and the numbers are growing daily. In order to see the users by category such as: Tour Guides, Tour Operators, Hotel Concierges, Organisations and Companies, please click here.
Of course! You are very welcome to do so at any time by e-mail or by phone 052-2405921.